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All too often businesses and residents go without antivirus software or parents don’t use software to protect their children on the internet. Jaime wants businesses and residents all over New Jersey to have a safe computing experience regardless of their financial situation. That is why Jaime scours the internet in search of the very best open source and free software.

The Cyber Fusion, Inc. recommends using Avast! Antivirus to keep your computer safe from viruses and intruders. Don’t go without antivirus software…it is simply too dangerous. Download the latest version of Avast! Antivirus by clicking the link below the logo.



Click to download Avast! Antivirus


Do you have a Mac / Apple computer? If you think that your computer is not vulnerable to online attacks you need to read my article… Apples and Macs now get viruses. Until then, protect yourself and install some protection onto your Mac / Apple computer. Sophos now offers antivirus software free of charge for the Mac / Apple operating system.

Click to download Sophos © Antivirus for Mac Home Edition


Online predators are real. Don’t let this keep your children from learning the benefits of computers. Keep them safe on the internet and install K9 Web Protection Child Safety software on your computer to keep your kids safe while they use the home computer.

Download K9 Web Protection


Did you know that you can have a full featured office suite for free? Open Office is fully compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office.

Download your copy of Open Office today by clicking the link below the logo.


Click to download Open Office © for Windows

Click to download Open Office © for Mac


Is your computer’s hard drive running low on space? Try using CCleaner to remove any junk files that may have accumulated on your hard drive.

For more information on how to use and install CCleaner , read Jaime’s article… DIY- CCleaner.

Click to download CCleaner for Windows


Is your computer acting slow and sluggish? If your computer is fairly new and it’s already slowing down the hard drive probably needs to be defragmented. Before replacing the computer’s hard drive, try a high quality defragmenting program life Defraggler . For best results, use CCleaner  before you defragment your computer’s hard drive.

Click to download Defraggler for Windows


Improve your wireless network signal by changing your wifi broadcast channel. Use Netstumbler to search the wireless networks in your area and determine which channels are not being used by neighbors.

Click to download Netstumbler for Windows


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