Report Scams, Fraud and Identity Theft Online

We live in a world where fraudulent activity and identity theft run rampant. The abundance of technology allows scam artists to mask their true identities while everyday Americans are stripped of their hard earned money. Lives are constantly turned upside down by the villainous actions of these cowardly individuals and fraudulent corporations.

Scam Wire was created as a means of uniting the American people in a fight against all scam artists, identity thieves and all other fraudulent activity meant to demean the citizens of our country. Users of Scam Wire can post information regarding any suspicious activity they have witnessed on a local, national or international level. Whether you have been scammed by a business, an individual or an internet scheme, Scam Wire is here to announce your experience to the world. 

Submitting scam reports online to Scam Forums like, will help create a database of any scams, fraud or identity theft. This will help prevent future victims from similar problems.

In order to Submit a Scam Report on Scam Wire, you will need to first Create an Account. Once you have logged into your account, simply select the category that best fits your report. Click on the following link to begin submitting your scam report online today.

Report Scams, Fraud & Identity Theft Online

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