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The Cyber Fusion, Inc. aims to not only assist its business and residential clients with their computer and IT endeavors but to also provide them with the knowledge to enhance their computer understanding so that their lives may

flourish. With the abundance of available technology,  businesses all over the world have begun to utilize all aspects of computing to work smarter and more efficiently. For over the past 16 years, Jaime has guided over 100 businesses worldwide through their IT and technology expansion. With an abundance of knowledge and experience in the computer field including website development, internet marketing and computer technical support, it is no wonder businesses around the world have continued to count on Jaime for their IT support. Learn more about Jaime’s experience at LinkedIn.com.

For your business website needs, whether you need a brand new website or a website manager, look no further than The Cyber Fusion, Inc. Jaime has been in the computer and technology business for over 16 years. A business IT computer consultant by trade, he aims to bring his years of expertise and knowledge of computers and the internet to the businesses of New Jersey and around the world. Read more about Jaime at LinkedIn.com.


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