Video Surveillance Systems

A video camera surveillance system should deter criminals, monitor your home or office 24/7 and provide clear rock solid evidence should something happen. Most of all, your security camera system should be easy to use and be readily available from your smartphone or tablet regardless of where you are.

Are “Off the Shelf” Video Surveillance Systems Reliable?

Unfortunately, many businesses and residents purchase video camera surveillance systems blindly from a dealer or website and often have buyer’s remorse. The majority of “off the shelf” surveillance systems lack the robust features and heavy duty hardware required for a reliable surveillance camera system.  Inexpensive hard drives, low camera resolution, poor night vision, inappropriate camera styles and mounting hardware…the truth is, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” video surveillance system. A proper video camera surveillance system must be customized to the installation location as well as the needs of the client.

New Jersey Video Camera Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance System with Night Vision & Remote Access Via Smartphone – Residential Installation

Do You Need a Video Camera Surveillance System?

Yes. First, look around your neighborhood and see who already has a video surveillance system installed in their home or office. Now pretend you are a burglar trying to decide which home or office you are going to invade. The obvious choice would be a home or office without a video surveillance system. While basic alarm systems provide a sense of security, they cannot do much when trying to dissuade or catch the determined thief. Dummy Cameras, $10 plastic cameras that give the impression of a video surveillance system, are no better than having nothing at all. Any seasoned intruder can easily discern the difference between a few dummy cameras and a professionally installed surveillance system.

The Cyber Fusion, Inc. also professionally installs Nanny Cameras & Remote Video Surveillance Systems for monitoring loved ones away from home.

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