Google Apps for Work Migration

The Cyber Fusion, Inc. Can Take Your Business To The Next Level With Google Apps For Work

Migrating from a standard email server to Google Apps for Work will improve communication and collaboration both inside your organization and out. Google Apps for Work is a full featured, cloud-based communication solution that provides your business with the ability to grow.

Google Apps also provides your employees with the same communication and work experience from any device. Collaborate with your colleagues no matter where they are located with the power, security and speed of Google’s massive worldwide network of servers.


Why Is Google Apps for Work A Smart Choice For Your Business?

A Cloud Pioneer – Google is recognized as a trusted name and an industry leader in reliable cloud infrastructure.

Built For The Cloud – Google Apps was designed as an entirely cloud-based service from the ground up, so IT departments don’t need to spend time and money maintaining any desktop components.

A Complete Package – The suite includes file storage and sharing with Google Drive, real-time collaboration with Google Docs, video meetings with Hangouts and professional email with Gmail, all for one single price.

Consistency & Comfort – Google Apps users enjoy the same experience across different devices, operating systems and browsers, and many employees already use Google products at home.

Offline Support – Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs let users view, edit and create content when they’re not on the Internet, syncing automatically when they reconnect.


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