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Online banking, online shopping, online transactions…everything is happening online. With rising gas prices and high costs for overhead, more and more businesses are turning towards the internet to drive down their production costs. Amazon, Newegg, Netflix, Amway and Overstock all maintain their business solely online. If you were to drive up to Amazon.com’s headquarters hoping to do some window shopping you would be very disappointed…you can’t. Netflix revolutionized the distribution of movies when they realized a DVD could be mailed without any damage to the media.

Currently, small business accounts for only 7% of the current e-commerce but its expected to grow to 20% by 2014. All too often I hear the words, “I don’t think my business could benefit from being online.” The truth is any business can benefit from being online. Whether you simply want to add more exposure to your business, create a blog or even sell your products online. The truth of the matter is, the internet works for you.

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