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The Verizon FiOS router has many things to offer…strong signal strength unfortunately is not one of them. Most of the older Verion FiOS routers utilize B/G wireless connectivity. Some of the newer FiOS router models utilize the newer and faster wireless N data rate. If you have an older model make sure that you are using at least a wireless G card in any of the computers that utilize the wireless network. The wireless G card is about 4 times faster than the older wireless B data rate. If you have the newer model FiOS router with wireless N, use a wireless N card in any of the computers connected to the network. Not only is the N speed faster than G, the signal strength is much greater as well.

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Without taking the steps in the above article, any hardware improvements will simply not reach their full potential. After ensuring the Verizon FiOS router is placed in an optimal location, check to see if your FiOS router antenna is removable.

On the back of the router you will notice the antenna protruding from the body of the router. If it is the removable type you should be able to unscrew the antenna counter clockwise. Place the antenna in a safe location because you will need to return it to Verizon if you ever cancel their service.

If you are one of the lucky ones with a removable antenna order yourself a high-gain antenna upgrade. The original FiOS antenna pushes out 2 dbi at the most so you will want to purchase one with at least 5 dbi or more. You will notice when looking for a high-gain antenna you will come across two types…omnidirectional and directional. Use an omnidirectional antenna when you want to improve the signal to the entire home or office. Omnidirectional works best for multiple devices and users. Use a directional antenna when you are trying to concentrate the signal improvement to a specific location / computer. This works well when you are trying to improve the signal to that one computer at the other end of the house or office.

Some high-gain antenna upgrades I have used in the past with a great deal of success are the…

D-Link ANT24-0700 (Omnidirectional)

TRENDnet TEW-AI75OB (Omnidirectional)

TRENDnet TEW-AI86DB (Directional)

D-Link ANT24-0230 Xtreme N 2.4GHZ Indoor Antenna (For Wireless N routers)

All of the antennas can be purchased from online retailers. Your best option is to do a Google search for any of the above items so you can see who has them in stock and for what price. The installation is simple. After you have unscrewed the old FiOS antenna, you will simply screw in the new antenna and enjoy your boosted signal.

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  1. What if my router had two removable antennas? Do I replace with two high gain antennas or what? Thanks

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